At Econo Termite & Pest Control, our goal is to provide you with excellent pest protection that is convenient, efficient and cost effective. Here are some of our recent reviews from Facebook, Yelp and Google.

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Good service for reasonable price

Good people. Helpful technicians. Do what they say they are going to do. Reasonable.

Nancy J. via Facebook

Honest & effective

I have used Econo Pest for about 15 years and have been very satisfied with their service. They are very accommodating, effective and honest.

Steve via Google

Efficient & Knowledgable

I have been using Econo for years and I have found them to be efficient, knowledgeable and customer oriented.

John F. via Yelp

Econo saved the day!

I made a long term parking mistake by parking over top of an anthill at an off airport lot for 3 weeks. My car was infested when I got back, which I discovered on the drive home. Yikes! Econo sprayed my car one time and it took care of the entire mess. Thank you guys!

Kay via Facebook

Highly recommended

Hi everyone, I work at Ace Hardware and everyone should know you must have a pest control company here in Florida to keep your home protected. I recommended Econo Pest Control of Englewood to all my clients and they have thanked me.

Albert B. via Yelp

Great service!

Excellent service tech. And the office staff is always friendly and helpful. Their rates are affordable and they are very thorough. Highly recommend to everyone!

Rachel via Google