Our pest services are designed to protect your home from crawling insects. We use a variety of safe and effective products. Our trucks are equipped with a motorized pump to place a long lasting, protective barrier around the perimeter of your home. This part of the service is an excellent preventative measure. As insects try to get in to your house they get in to the pest control and can not make your home their home.

The most popular service Econo offers is our Quarterly pest service (4 times per year). We also offer annual service and other intervals to suit your needs. All of Econo's services are completely guaranteed. We return free of charge between services if you have a problem. Our quick response time has helped us to earn our excellent reputation.

We will be happy to meet with you and give you a written estimate for pest control that best suits your needs. Call our office or contact us for an appointment.



Our Deluxe Exterior Environmental Service is designed to protect your home from invading insects. Our goal is to provide you with excellent pest protection that is convenient, efficient and cost effective. Call us today for a free estimate!


  • Inspect the perimeter of the premises for infested areas.
  • Treat around doors and windows.
  • Service soffits and vent openings.
  • Treat downspouts and gutters.
  • Treat mulch and breeding areas.
  • Power spray a 4-5 foot band to establish a protective barrier.


The effort to provide quality service is our #1 objective. All Deluxe Exterior Environmental Services have a service to service Guaranty.


With our Deluxe Exterior Environmental Service, we will come back as often as necessary to solve the problem. All courtesy calls are no charge.


There are more than 550 species of ants in the United States, however only a small number of these invade structures.As of late the most common we see as invaders are: The White Footed Ant, Florida Carpenter Ant, Caribbean Ant, Fire Ant, acrobat ant, Pharaoh ant, Ghost ant and Crazy ant. These are to mention just a few with many others that at times invade or structures. Treatments vary widely as some species will accept bait, others will not. Some infest our attics, walls or crawl spaces while others feed of the honeydew excreted from aphids and scale insects. The best treatment is primarily to identify the species and apply the appropriate product to control them. Inspection by our professionals is the key to control not just "spraying" which can at times make the problem more difficult to control.


If you have lived in Florida for a while you have surely encountered carpenter ants. They are generally larger than most household ants, ranging from 1/4 inch to about 3/4 inch and red and black. They are often referred to as "Bull Ants" and are similar to the all black ones found in the northern states. Carpenter ants are wood destructive. They prefer to harbor in moist or rotting wood but will carve out their galleries in wood trusses and many other areas of a structure. They live naturally outside in trees and around the roots of shrubs and especially love mulch used as plant bedding. Once established in close proximity to your home they venture out to make satellite nests often inside the dwelling. Once inside you will have unwelcome visitors almost every evening. It is time to call the professionals. Our technicians are well trained in seeking out nesting areas and eradicating carpenter ant problems. We also offer exterior perimeter treatments to help prevent carpenter ants from entering your home. If you live near overgrown vacant lots, wooded areas or have any dense vegetation close to your home you will benefit from the exterior carpenter ant treatment.


We have perfected a treatment to totally control these pests with specifications developed by The University of Florida to safely eradicate them. An initial application is made with little disturbance to the insects. Within a day or two they are totally gone. We come back to check our treatment usually within 1 week to ensure the problem is solved. Honeybees are not killed unless a definite threat to human environments.


You can include flea control with your regular quarterly pest control. Econo treats the adult fleas and also uses an insect growth regulator to break the flea cycle. We will treat all the carpeted areas and any upholstered furniture that you request.


If you live near any water way or have fruit trees nearby you may encounter these much maligned creatures one day. Econo offers services to remove the unwelcome guests from your home or business and install "rodent proofing" to prevent future entry. Mobile homes are especially prone to rodent intrusion. Call for free estimates.


Most ornamental plants will be affected with aphids, whiteflies, scales or fungus from time to time. Our application to these plants is a dual approach. We apply products that are “contact” control and systemic at the same time. This dual approach is due to the nature of the insect as some pierce the plant while others can be controlled with direct application. We usually suggest a maintence program of two times per year  Spring and   Fall.  However excess drought or rainfall can change the plants biology and additional applications may be necessary at a reasonable cost.


Do you fear you may have a termite problem in your home? If so, call Econo today. We will evaluate the problem and treat it quickly and effectively. Econo Termite & Pest Control uses both liquid and baiting systems to eliminate termites, as well as fumigation services. Econo also provides Termite Inspections for real estate transactions. Click here for more information.